Committees are an integral part of the success of our organization. They supplement the work of the board and staff, engage members and develop into leaders. Joining a committee has always been a great way to make new contacts, learn about new trends in our profession and have a voice in shaping the Association’s direction. Each year over one hundred REALTORS® become active participants in the Nebraska REALTORS® Association of  committees. If you’d like to get more involved or simply have some great ideas, joining a committee is the perfect place to start. We have plenty of opportunities for you.

Committees Open to Member Volunteers:

These committees are made up of members who volunteer their time and effort. Members can apply to serve on one or more committee based on their interests. Some committees have requirements for membership while others have waiting lists. If you are interested in signing up to serve on a committee, click here to fill out the form.

*Committees typically meet twice a year in conjunction with the State Association's annual convention and fall meetings. Meetings are called as necessary in between these times and depending on the nature of the meeting can be set up as a teleconference or webinar meeting.

Convention Committee: 

This Committee is charged with the planning, promotion, and execution of the Association's Annual Convention. The Chairperson may appoint such subcommittees as necessary to serve the special needs and functions of the convention.

Elizabeth Bhandari

2021 Convention Committee Chair: Nelson Jett

Professionalism, Equal Opportunity, Participation Committee: 

Responsible for the development of educational tools to assist members in presenting a professional image in their dealing with customers, clients and real estate professionals, promote and provide equal opportunity in housing and professional services education and tools for members, increase member participation in association committees and events.

Annali Leach

2021 Professionalism, Equal Opportunity and Participation Committee Chair: Kristen Reimers

Forms Committee: 

This committee meets once a year, with additional meetings on an as-needed basis when forms need to be updated and/or to comply with Nebraska State Law. This committee reviews and creates forms necessary in the real estate transaction.

Al Avery

2021 Forms Committee Chair: Ann Dover

Governmental Affairs Committee: 

Monitors legislation introduced impacting the real estate industry and private property rights. Members are also involved in grassroots efforts to pass legislation working with their elected representative on issues. The committee may also recommend the introduction of such bills as may be beneficial to real estate ownership and real estate practice.

Bill Swanson

2021 Governmental Affairs Committee Chair: Lori Rodgers

License Law Committee: 

This committee focuses on license law issues and interfaces with the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. The Government recognizes our association and its members as the authority on real estate issues and solicits our opinions.

Deda Myhre

2021 License Law Committee Chair: Deda Myhre

Realtor® Champion Workgroup:

Members assist the Association in contacting their state senator on legislative issues that affect the real estate industry.

Joe Gehrki

2021 REALTOR® Champion Workgroup: Pat Ohmberger

Statewide Professional Standards Review Committee: 

The members of this committee aid in the interpretation of the Code through the development of education and printed materials. The Committee oversees the Code of Ethics and Arbitration hearing procedures.

Thane Jensen

2021 Statewide Professional Standards Review Committee: Annali Leach

Commercial Forum: 

The purpose of this forum is to unite commercial practitioners across the State of Nebraska with the goals of monitoring and influencing legislation impacting commercial real estate transactions and commercial property owners, identifying and offering commercial real estate education, and provides a platform to facilitate networking.

Drew Stange

2021 Commercial Forum Chair:  Drew Stange


**For information on appointed committees, please contact the State Association office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 402-323-6500). These committees include:

  • GRI Board of Governors
  • Nominating Committee
  • RPAC Trustees
  • Strategic Planning Committee